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Teddy Freddy is a dynamic and exciting game project for your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, where you will experience a lot of fear and the most unusual emotions!

This game meets us with bright and colorful graphics that will fascinate you every day. Unrivaled 3D models and HD quality textures will create a beautiful picture for you from level to level. Each of the specials. effects are unique and creates an unsurpassed atmosphere of horror and chaos around you. Can you not get scared and go to the end, because the developers did their best ?!

In Teddy Freddy itself, the whole plot will begin with events already exciting blood. After all, you will wake up completely alone in the middle of an abandoned room. You don't know where you are or how far from the city. But you hear terrible sounds coming from behind the doors. Later, you learn that a terrible creature is watching you. He has a human body, but he has a teddy bear head, which is terrible. Your task is to solve a huge number of quests that will be provided to you in a huge location. Look for all sorts of items, as well as clues to help you get out of this unfortunate place. But remember! You should be as quiet and attentive as possible, one awkward movement and a sound made, as the monster senses you and instantly finds you. Do your best to stay out of his sight and be saved!
  1. Download APK file;
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources in the security settings;
  3. Using the ES File Explorer or any other, find the downloaded APK file (usually located in the Downloads folder) and install;
  4. If you want to update the original version - put on top of the installed application. If you are trying to update the mod, the installation may not work. If this happens, delete the old version of the hack and install the fresh one (there is no guarantee that the gameplay will be saved);
  5. Run the application;
  6. If errors occur, write in the comments, we will be happy to help you.
download Teddy Freddy (MOD: mod menu) 1.0.5

Download Teddy Freddy (MOD: mod menu) 1.0.5 for Android

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