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Zombero: Archero Killer (MOD: mod menu) 1.13.7

Zombero: Archero Killer (MOD: mod menu) 1.13.7
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Action / Arcade games / RPG (Role Play) / MODs
Zombero: Archero Killer is a dynamic and stunning game project on your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, where you will be absorbed in battles!

This game meets us with a colorful and well-personalized interface that is understandable without further explanation. The graphics in the game are beautiful and made by the best and most modern technologies! All objects and characters are drawn in HD quality, and also have good 3D models that you can consider during any of the battles. The gameplay itself is carried out with a third-person view, which is very convenient and allows you to follow everything that happens around!

In Zombero: Archero Killer, you'll have to take control of one of the available characters. After which the first of the worlds will be opened for you, where you will need to overcome a series of tests! And the most important of them is the crowds of monsters and zombies who will want to destroy you! But against them you have a powerful and cool weapon that will help you withstand them! Therefore, get your gun out and start destroying them one by one, getting gold coins, as well as a lot of valuable prizes. After each of the levels you can learn one of the random skills! This can be a bifurcation of shells, enhanced attack, shield, fire attack and much more. Create unique combinations and watch how your enemies die. After losing, you can go to the store and update your equipment. You can replace the weapon with a more powerful one, make a faithful companion that will fight with you, and also change the appearance.

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How to install (update)
  • Download APK file;
  • Allow installation from unknown sources in the security settings;
  • Using the ES File Explorer or any other, find the downloaded APK file (usually located in the Downloads folder) and install;
  • If you want to update the original version - put on top of the installed application. If you are trying to update the mod, the installation may not work. If this happens, delete the old version of the hack and install the fresh one (there is no guarantee that the gameplay will be saved);
  • Run the application;
  • If errors occur, write in the comments, we will be happy to help you.

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